• How The Wheatley Portfolio is empowering teachers...
  • “The unit themes were instrumental in giving me a vision for the entire year.”
  • “I was able to execute a comprehensive ELA curriculum rich in fiction and non-fiction texts.”
  • “Well-written and easy to follow. The terminology can be used as a benchmark for understanding each unit.”
  • “The thinking my students express in their interaction with the units is really something to behold.”

The Arts and Our Great Minds Wheatley Portfolio

Because Great Minds promotes the importance of all students studying the arts, we have highlighted places where ELA instruction could be enhanced by connecting a genre or particular text, or a theme of a unit, to works of art, music, or film. We suggest, for example, that students study self-portraiture when they are encountering memoirs. Students might compare a novel, story, or play to its film or musical rendition. Where a particular period of literature or the literature of a particular region or country is addressed, works of art from that period or country may also be examined. In each case, connections are made to the standards in the CCSS themselves.

ELA teachers who choose to use this material may do so on their own, by team teaching with an art or music teacher, or perhaps by sharing the material with the art or music teacher, who could reinforce what students are learning during the ELA block in their classroom. The inclusion of these works in The Wheatley Portfolio is not intended to substitute for or infringe in any way upon instruction students should receive in separate arts and music classes.

In order to facilitate lesson-planning that utilizes these arts resources and collaboration with art and music teachers, we have created a single document (see below) containing all of the suggested art works and art-based activities in our curriculum. It is organized by grade and by unit.

Art Guide