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The Rise of Islam: Religion Travels on a Road of Silk

World History

The Rise of Islam: Religion Travels on a Road of Silk

ca. 610 CE–1500s

Islam was the last of the three major monotheistic world religions to develop. Arising in the 7th century CE, it quickly expanded through military conquest and conversion of conquered peoples. Like earlier civilizations, the Islamic empires were marked with the combination of internal political strife and great cultural achievement. However, one of Islam’s greatest contributions to world history was the unique cultural bridge it created between China, India, and Europe.

We’re Riding on a Caravan gives younger students details about the famous Silk Road trade route that they then present as a class. Older students will use Traveling Man: The Journey of Ibn Battuta to analyze the writings of the famous Moroccan and give historical context for beautiful quotes from the famous traveler.

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