• Eureka Listening Tour 2014
  • “I really, really love the cohesiveness of how the curriculum is developed.”
  • “Students have ‘aha’ moments all the time with this curriculum.”
  • “They are more successful with this program than any other in 33 years.”
  • “Kids have a deeper knowledge and more excitement about math.”
  • “Our teachers put in a remarkable amount of time & effort, now there are so many 'aha' or 'eureka' moment”
  • “The Eureka Math strategy of read, write, or draw is helpful...We can touch all types of students”
  • “The curriculum perfectly reflects the standards and the instructional shifts.”
  • “The way the teachers are teaching this year, the focus is on really understanding how the numbers work.”
  • “This is not a scripted program. It is a curriculum. ”
  • How The Wheatley Portfolio is empowering teachers...
  • “The unit themes were instrumental in giving me a vision for the entire year.”
  • “I was able to execute a comprehensive ELA curriculum rich in fiction and non-fiction texts.”
  • “Well-written and easy to follow. The terminology can be used as a benchmark for understanding each unit.”
  • “The thinking my students express in their interaction with the units is really something to behold.”
  • What teachers are saying about The Alexandria Plan...
  • “I went much deeper using Alexandria whereas the lessons I taught previously barely skimmed the surface.”
  • “You gave me the background knowledge I needed to teach the text studies correctly to my students.”
  • As overheard at our Eureka Math training in Albany, NY...
  • “1st graders are demonstrating mastery of concepts that last year's 1st graders could not.”
  • “I am seeing 'academic conversations' between students and them demanding evidence from each other. Wow!!!”
  • “I have a 5th grader and I am teaching him this way of doing multiplication as soon as I get home today.”
  • “I have a college student and sure wish he had the learned the 'how' and not just the algorithm.”


Talking Eureka with NY’s Teachers Union

By Adam Baker Topic Math and Science, Teacher Perspective

I recently attended a New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) meeting in Albany to talk with union representatives and  members about Eureka Math, which is widely  in  use in classrooms across New York. My colleagues (Marianne  Strayton and Catriona Anderson) and I were a little cautious. With so much misinformation about the  Common Core  State Standards circulating in the media and elsewhere, we didn’t quite know what to expect that Saturday morning.

Standards aren’t the same as curriculum. Standards are goals, or […]

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Math for Life After the Test

By Lynne Munson Topic Curriculum, Math and Science

When do you know you really understand something?  One test is to see if you can explain it to someone else—well enough that they understand it. Great Minds Inc.’s teachers and scholars have written math curriculum for New York students and teachers that routinely requires students to “turn and talk” and explain the math they learned to their peers.

That is because the goal of the curriculum on EngageNY is to produce students who are not merely literate, but fluent, in mathematics.  […]

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